Current Events

Star Party at Grafton Lakes - Friday, November 14, 2014:

We will be attending the star party at Grafton Lakes this Friday. We'll be leaving from RPI at 7PM. More information: AAAA Star Parties

Movie Night - Friday, December 5, 2014:

We will decide what movie to watch at the next meeting (Wednesday, November 19, 2014).

Open Observatory during Study Days:

The Hirsch Observatory will be open in the evening during study days (December 6,7,8,9).

Past Events

Transit of Venus

Open Observatory Week

5/9/11 - 5/13/11 - All RPI students, faculty, staff, and friends are invited to join the Rensselaer Astrophysical Society (RAS) in the Hirsch Observatory from 8-10pm Monday - Friday. Whether you need a break from studying, want to enjoy the distraction, or are celebrating one of your last nights on campus, come enjoy the nighttime wonders visible from one of the highest points on campus. Call (518) 276-6090 to check if anyone's in the Dome, even if it's cloudy!

Solar Observing

Children's Night

4/29/10 - Children and their parents are welcome to come to this event. We will have several educational activities, including a model Solar System, a Black Hole activity, a Supernova activity and making Starfinders as well as observing on the roof and in the dome from 7pm to 10pm.

4/14/10 1-3pm - The RAS will have the solar telescope out and will be hosting solar observing in front of the Mueller Center for GM week.

STS-130 Launch Viewing

 There will be an event on Sunday February 7th at 4:30am, with an attempt to observe the liftoff and passing of the space shuttle Endeavour on the final night launch of the space shuttle program.

LCROSS Impact observation

 There will be an event on Friday October 9th, starting at 6:30am, with an attempt to observe the lunar impact at 7:30am.  There is a special page on the event here.

Relay for Life

4/26/09 - The RAS hosted astronomy on the 86' Field as an event during the Relay for Life.

Children's Night

Saturday 4/28/09 7:30-10pm Children and their parents are welcome to come to this special event. We will have several educational activities and observing on the roof and in the dome. Result: it was cloudy, but we had at least 20 visitors. We ate astronaut ice cream, did an optics demonstration and showed people around.

Open Observatory Week

3/22/09-2/28/09 8-10pm - The observatory will be open every clear night for viewing, in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy.

Other Regional Star Parties

Albany Amateur Astronomers

The Albany Amateur Astronomers have meetings at the Schenectady Museum and Planetarium. They also have star parties at the Landis Arboretum. An up to date schedule and more information can be found here.

If you would like to see your star party listed here, email