Astrophysical Society


Public Observing

room Hirsch Observatory
today Every Saturday
schedule 8 - 10 pm

Club Meeting

room JROWL 2nd Floor Conference Room
today Wed, Feb. 10 (Officer Elections)
schedule 5:30 pm

Club Officers

  • President Nicholas Boni
    Vice President Joey McPherson
    Treasurer Jonathan Williams
    Secretary Emily Wislowski
    Webmaster Dennis Fogerty


The Rensselaer Astrophysical Society (RAS) is a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute union-funded organization that allows students to pursue their interest in astronomy. The society works in conjunction with the physics department to maintain the Hirsch Observatory atop the Jonsson-Rowland Science Center and keep it open to the public on a regular basis. Students are trained in the use of the Society's various telescopes, then placed on the observatory key list. Once on the key list, members can use the observatory at any time.

The Society holds meetings (generally every other week) to discuss current projects, to plan events such as field trips or public outreach, and discuss various topics of astronomy and astrophysics. All students and non-students are welcome to attend.

To join RAS, or to simply be added to our mailing list, send an email to

Please include your full name, and RIN number if applicable. Membership dues for RPI students are $5.00 per semester or $10.00 annually and can be paid at any meeting. Dues for those from outside RPI (associate members) are $7.50 per semester.